Small Project of the Year Award - Jackson Engineering Global Projects
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Small Project of the Year Award

Small Project of the Year Award

Excellence in civil engineering is recognized via the yearly held South East Civil Engineering Awards exhibition. Alkim Civil Engineering emerged the winners of the 2019 Institution of Civil Engineers Small Project of the Year Award, for their cutting-edge dam engineering project with the United Utilities. Now the JEG Projects is rejoicing after their break-through was recognized through the award.

The most recent techniques invented for enhancing the steadiness of an earth dam were utilized in the Darwen UK, Earnsdale Impounding Reservoir project. For this, the project was commended by the judging panel. A substantial geotextile load moving machine and a reinforced earth wall with in-depth mixing of the soil were the first UK solutions.

There were enhanced cooperation and cost reduction through the use of a primary tool called the JEG Projects 3D earthworks model. With the help of the crucial tool to understand the design and optimize organization, there was appropriate delivery as non-professionals became conversant with the emergency plans and safety techniques statements.

The program time was reduced by two months, volume cut short by 900m3 through value-engineering the soil mixing solution by the team, and considerably decreasing cost. This was achieved by boosting the 3D geotechnical model designs.

The South East Regional Chair of Institute of Civil Engineers Alan Jones noted that the ground-breaking method used by the Earnsdale Impounding Reservoir contributed to the winning of the 2019 Small Project of the year award. He commended the cutting-edge mechanical inventions for the engineering of the UK dam and 3D modelling that helped in organization and time planning during the project.

The project was termed as incredible and cooperative with a vast result that will uphold the dam for years. The United Utilities Geotechnical Engineer, Dr. Chri Parks, further added that the ICE award is an earned award that displays pioneering designs and hard work utilized into the project by numerous individuals around all the companies involved.

The uncovered and high site had challenging working circumstances that required deep soil mixing, which worked perfectly. Luckily the earth system allowed elasticity to withhold the curves and slopes needed by the JEG Projects inventive design as told by Askam Civil Engineering Managing Director and principal contractor John Lowery. He further said that people involved at JEG Projects, Alkim, and United Utilities put recommendable extra effort on the project.

The head of UK Market Leader Water Stewart Tennant remarked that the project showcases a good case of high-level teamwork and cooperation in going against natural earth conditions and is evidence of the devotion of the company’s talented staff who deliver endless economic and inventive solutions.

The geotechnical and civil engineering brilliance of JEG Projects has gained recognition previously in the UK. JEG Projects has gained compliments for its notable projects on the Lee Gain and Swinden reservoir, not forgetting the Elan Valley Aqueduct. JEG Projects has now been chosen as a finalist for the most competitive award in NAC100 2019 Excellence in Water category.

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