Top Software Engineering Conferences in 2020
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Top Software Engineering Conferences in 2020


Top Software Engineering Conferences in 2020

Software engineering conferences are the events which gather the greatest developers around the world, helping each other in educating and developing new technologies. As a developer, you can get to meet other like-minded people and connect with them to possibly build the next-gen computer. If you want to keep 2020 as the year of learning and creating a network with other developers, here is a list of 10 software engineering conferences that you can attend.


This conference is held by the International Community of Python programming language in more than 50 locations every year. The location of the conferences depends on the need of conducting an event in a place anywhere around the world.

Microsoft Ignite

This year Microsoft’s conference – Ignite will be held around the world as the team will be going on a tour. This is an opportunity for developers around the world to explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies by Microsoft. The conference will take place in different venues from Jan to May.


FOSDEM is a huge conference held for the open-source communities every year. This is a two-day event which will be hosted by Brussels, Belgium. More than 8000 people attend this conference every year, which has exams, seminars, developer rooms, and a lot more to offer.


Devnexus is an event which is hosted to connect the developers around the world to promote open source values. While the conference is meant for all kinds of developers, it mainly focuses on Java topics. Devnexus will be held from Feb 19-21  in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. You can purchase the tickets from their website.

React conferences

This conference is for the React community, which focuses on a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. React conferences vary every year, and the number of cities gets added up to grow the React ecosystem.

Software Architecture Conference

O’Reilly’s Software Architectural Conference is set to happen during the last weeks of February with training and seminars for the developers of microservices and distributed systems. This conference is for improving business skills, security, performance, and UX designing.


JSCong Hawaii

This conference is will be held in Hawaii from Feb 5-7, which focuses on gathering the developers who share the same idea of conducting a technical conference. Along with Hawaii, the forums will take place in America, Europe, and Asia.


DeveloperWeek is a series of conferences which take place in the United States for tech geeks and software developers. This event attracts more than 8000 developers, engineers, managers, and executives from more than 70 countries. The week hosts events such as Hackathon, a tech hiring expo, and several workshops. It is a huge party for developers in a city-wide event held across San Francisco. The conference will take place from Feb 12-16.

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